Man, I’m Sleepy…

Starting is always the problem isn’t? You just stare at the inky nothingness of a thing and just don’t have a clue what to do next. Yeah, that’s what this is. This is the first splatter of paint, the warm up scribble, the toe in the water for this project. So, hi there!


Welcome to the Sleepy Dev dev blog. This is where we’ll be talking about thoughts and opinions that we have while working on games and other projects. We also document our progress and discuss news and whatnot. You can find us on LinkedIn, our website, and someday on Twitter.

For background, Sleepy Dev is a small software and games developer out of Oklahoma. We came together to create a friend’s vision of a game and have been working toward that goal ever since. I mostly work in writing and art. I’m an author by trade and at one time an aspiring cartoonist. Now I’m learning the ropes of 3D art and animation.

In addition to working on games for fun (and profit) I am personally also completing my Information Science master’s degree thesis over a games related topic. I’m interested in social learning and how that works in the indie gaming world.

I think that is good for now. I’ll talk more about each point in upcoming blogs. Thank you for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Man, I’m Sleepy…

  1. Welcome, always nice to have more blogs about game development and 3d! Is that screen shot from Blender? The UI (not the model) looks curiously familiar. I’ve dabbled with Blender but generally I find the learning curve to be too high for me to just use here and there – I would have to dedicate a massive chunk of time to become an expert. Problem is, I prefer programming so as a result I never got too good at 3D modeling…

    1. Thanks! It’s good to be here!

      It is Blender. I’m going to write more on it but I’ve found UI to be hard at first too. I watched several videos on YouTube, took a Udemy course, and did a lot of practice just to make this rock, haha.

      The good thing is that once you get into the program it really starts to get easier & faster once you have the basics. It’s the getting started that is really hard. I’ve been doing 3D as a hobby for a few years now and it’s just now starting to pay off. Which hurts since that was time not coding or writing.

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