Current Projects as of June 2015

So I guess I should make a page on our home site with our current projects listed out with their top news. In lieu of that being created (our website is under construction), here is a brief rundown of what we are currently working on;

  • Twin-Stick Shooter Prototype: this is our main focus, a fun cartoony isometric shooter. The setting, lite story, and characters are all based off of a cartoon that some friends and I wrote several years ago. I don’t want to say or promise too much. We started with a very complex idea and have scaled back tremendously. Our plan is to create a finished version of the game and then go to Kickstarter when we are ready to publish it. We plan on using any funds raised to pay any software licensing fees (Blender & Unity 3D) and adding more features.
  • Maze Game: this is a mini-project I’m completing for grad school. The idea is that I will use social media to complete gaps in my knowledge. The game will be basically the classic Atari title Berzerk with a few alterations. I want my end result to be an artsy game where the player just avoids hazards and attempts to get to the center of the maze.
  • Building Board Game: this is project my brother and I started some time ago (pre-Sleepy Dev). It is a board game where two players place buildings competitively to control a city region. It is based on the ideas of Cathedral but altered heavily.
  • Turn Based RPG: a handful of years ago I created a rule set for a simple D20 roleplaying miniatures game. This is mainly a board game I am developing privately for now. It has a simple dungeon crawling mechanic with some (in my opinion) interesting twists with how other players and environments interact. I want to make a few variants where you could play an RPG in a box, play a Magic the Gathering sort of quick match, and allow for campaign play like more traditional D&D. So basically a modular rpg that I could add or subtract rules from for other games.
  • Card Drafting Games: I have two half baked card based drafting games (that were once a single overbaked card based game) that I am sitting on for now. I think my design concept is really strong but I haven’t completed a new prototype since cementing the latest rule set. I should be play testing this summer.

That is a lot of projects but the Twin-Stick is getting nearly all of my attention. Everything else is secondary or just a private project that Sleepy Dev proper may not be involved with right now. As projects make headway I’ll announce titles and what not. I don’t want to make any promises about what projects will do (outside of the basic mechanics) till we can post a gameplay video. Things have changed quite a bit from where we started and it has been a wild ride so far.

Thanks for reading!


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