What’s Happening June 18th, 2015

Hey! So I’m still trying to get into the rhythm of how I want this blog to be. I think I will spend one day a week just catching up on what I am playing, listening, reading, and watching. Also I’ll do little project updates and the like. Here we go!

Picture unrelated.
Picture unrelated.

This past weekend my wife and I had a garage sale. Being a slight (recovering) hoarder makes these kind of thing difficult however I was really keen on seeing the floor again so it was all for the best. We made about enough to buy a fast food feast and a gallon of milk so everyone was a winner.

We just got moved into the new house after couch surfing for a few years. We lived with my wife’s parents while our house was remodeled (which here means gutted and completely redone). There was some heavy flooding so we had to empty our storage unit or possibly loose all our stuff to the river. We got everything out and in our house in one day but it wasn’t pretty. Thus the sale.

The difference two years and all of your free time can make.
The difference two years and all of your free time can make.

Otherwise things are going good now. The house is finally pretty much together and comfortable. We need to finish some work with our air-conditioning (really we just need to save up for it) and we’ll be golden.

Recently I discovered the Free Music Archive. You can find lots of music for YouTube videos and for just listening to on your own all for completely free. You can even search by license type which is amazing. On that note, I found Dokaka on there. Check him out:

I love the spoken word format (I also subscribe to Smooth McGroove for reference), When I’m working I can’t concentrate easily without complete silence or something so hectic that I can pseudo-meditate to it. This falls under the latter for me.

My wife and I like to watch something while we eat together for dinner. We were watching the complete Daria but have gotten sided tracked by seasons 1 & 2 of Hannibal. I’m “eating” it up. As a degree holder in psychology it is fun agreeing/disagreeing with all the pop-psyc going on and the police-horror-thriller element is fantastic. I’d say it is a little on the violent and slow side of things but the cinematography and editing are pretty incredible.

For reading, I was reading Jam but Yahtzee Croshaw of No Punctuation. I read Mogworld and really liked it but I having trouble getting into Jam. It is just a little slower and the story seems to pull in different directions. I think I’ll get into it soon.

Because I’m special in the head I read multiple books at once so I am also starting Dreadnought by Cherie Priest. I like steampunk setting and I tend to really like the way Priest writes as well so this was a win-win for me. I’ve read Boneshaker so I think I already know what to suspect will be problematic for me (weird plot jumps/holes) and just enjoy it.

Dreadnought by Cherie Priest via Tor Books
Dreadnought by Cherie Priest via Tor Books

Then while unpacking during the garage sale I found my copy of Atlas Shrugged. My plan since freshmen year of college has been to read a page a day while in the bathroom. So I placed the book on its shelf of glory over the toilet and read a page. I quickly remembered how all too beautiful and all too full of drivel Rand’s prose is.

For gaming, we found our sacred box of games we meant to keep out of storage when we moved (safely stored at the very bottom of the farthest corner of the unit). In the box was our copy of Mortal Kombat which is a personal favorite of my wife and I. We actually played that for our honeymoon. She has since gone on to kick my butt every way to Sunday. She is way too good as Kung Lao.

I remember practicing for hours to beat even half the ladder as a little kid. Coming back to the 360 version with the story was amazing. I loved how they managed to actually present a cohesive plot from the craziness that is MK. It helps that the mechanics have a lot of polish (two decades of fighting games will do that to you).

My complaint however is that it suffers a lot in its tutorials. Fighting games have a long standing issue with making good entry for noobs but this game suffers more in its Story mode learning curve. They start you out easy and slowly make things harder. This is fine till your first major boss fight where you have to just spam a single attack to get by. No skill, no luck, just spam. I turned the difficulty to beginner and still there is no way to actually fight Shao Kahn the way you would any other character. He is a poorly designed boss (I’m not great either but come on–I can beat Skullgirls so surely this is a bad fight).

Also I had been playing a mobile game called Crazy Kings. It is tower defense game with some fun card collecting mechanics. However I think it needs to move over for my new favorite addiction Fallout Shelter. You play the part of an overseer trying to expand a vault in the wasteland. It is intoxicating. You have to make your workers provide power, water, and food to keep living but you also have to expand your population, fight off raiders, and put out literal fires. It works like a little like Tiny Tower but with more consequences.

I found out what John is doing after he leaves the Daily Show.
I found out what John is doing after he leaves the Daily Show.

Project-wise I wrote out a lot of the documentation this last week. The GDD for the twin-stick is 3/4 done and I met with a business consultant (read as buddy with a masters that I bugged with questions) to develop our business model. I also made a skeletal framework for our dialogue scripts. There isn’t a whole lot of meaningful dialogue for the story so that was pretty easy.

Then I did a bunch of texturing work. I’m trying to paint all the models I made and make variants. I have just about everything together to make the Tutorial Woods except for the major terrain block. I need to do a few more tutorials to see what is best for creating that.


All in all, things are coming together for both personal and professional life. I’m hoping I can release some concept art soon (probably next week) and I am planning on doing a project management week in the future with blogs over different things that get over looked in development.

Thanks for reading!


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