What’s Happening June 24th, 2015

Hello again! So this last week has been fairly productive. I actually got to spend some time fixing up my house. Incase you are just tuning in, I have been remodeling for about two years with my wife and we are finally sort of getting to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Oh, and I did some games stuff.

By the way, if you are interested what life is like in the southern mid-west in the states–here is a mosquito nearly the size of a penny that I thought was a bee trapped in my car.

It tried to Jumanji me in the neck but I got it first.
It tried to Jumanji me in the neck but I got it first.

So our house is about a hundred years old. It was in bad shape when we started working on it but it is getting fairly comfortable now. We have just one window unit for all 1,700 square feet. so in a Oklahoma summer it has been toasty. That wasn’t so bad however. Cold water and fans were getting us by. However now we have fleas.

After several major floods it turns out our house is a high point. So all the local infestations found our pad and have been hanging out. We thought it wasn’t too bad but their numbers swelled recently. We’ve launched a war on anything thing that has an exoskeleton. Flea baths for the cats, mopping for the hardwood floors, and granular spread for the yard.

We are starting to win but it has been an itchy victory.

War, war never changes...
War, war never changes…

While working I usually put on music. This week I have been a little listless with what to put on. So I checked out podcasts on iTunes. I have not been disappointed. Welcome to Nightvale and Continue Cast has been my spirit animal to keep from getting bored/distracted while inputting data.

I sort of want to learn how to make a podcast but I refuse to start my own till I can at least blog on time. Thus why the Wednesday blog is now a Friday blog.

Finished season one of Hannibal just in time to hear they cancelled it. I am pretty positive a streaming service will pick it up however–it is just about one of the best shows on or at least top ten. That said it was still disheartening to hear it was canceled.

I also watched this short film called Coda and it is awesome. All the feels. Seriously.

The only thing I have read this week (besides articles online) has been the quick start manual for Far Away Land. My game group is rolling characters this week and I wanted to get familiar with the the rules beforehand. I’ve decided to be a sneaky wizard. I want to take spells like mask and illusionary smell to help in being tricky. The way the manual reads I think I’ll have a lot of chances to try out new characters from the amount of dying that takes place.

Via Simian Circle Games
Via Simian Circle Games

This week in gaming I spent what some would call an absurd amount of time on my phone playing Fallout Shelter. I started a small community of dwellers and grew the numbers to over 50. Then tragedy struck. Rad Roaches attacked a lower level water treatment plant. When we couldn’t contain them, they spread. Then when I thought it was over they had spread again. They killed all but maybe five dwellers and I had just enough caps to resurrect my favorite dweller (John Stewart).

Pictured: John hittin on all the ladies.
Pictured: John hittin on all the ladies.

Then we started losing power, couldn’t generate enough caps, and started losing sections of the vault to darkness. That’s when I found out that if you don’t resurrect a dweller within 24 hours you lose them forever. Because of this several high level dwellers died forever.

A few days later and we are just starting to rebuild. Their numbers swelled with a baby boom yesterday and we have restored power to the lower levels. Business as usual again with the dark days behind us.


At my weekly game night we tried Coup. Pretty fun and quick. Also did several rounds of Infiltration. I really like the chance/wager mechanics of Infiltration. It was a big hit because we ended up playing three times.

So all in all a great game so far. Really engaging.

Also I busted out some Civ Revolution. Sleepy Dev’s pipeline has a political strategy game up next after the twin stick shooter. It will be a long ways down the road but I wanted to refresh my memory on it and go smash some empires. Turns out the ‘Emperor’ setting means business. I lost spectacularly as first, second, and third place NPC nations in the decided I was the biggest threat and begun bombing me. So I tried defending my borders with legionaries versus their tanks and bombers but couldn’t do it. I really need to learn how to get my tech going faster in that game.

Retried just a step down and started away from all the other empires. I was on a sandy beach with mountain ranges between my empire and everyone else. It was slow to develop but I pulled a cultural victory.

For projects, I’ve done a fair amount of writing. Even though our game will lack a heavy story (since it is an arcade style play) it has been a lot easier to plan the game with the lore written. Also I plan on expanding this universe for other games so it will serve me well to have the story ready for then.

I have also done some art work on our concepts. I think it is nearly time to submit items to a professional 3D artist. Since I’m the best 3D artist we have on the team (and I’m not that great) we are going to outsource some of our work out. I’ll be looking on Elance mostly. I know a few people here and there but I think it will be cleaner to go through a service. The artists I know are usually booked or want a lot of money so it is hard to get someone pinned down for a job. Also they are almost always busy.

We’ll have a professional do our character rig and enemies mostly. Any of the dynamic models that need a lot of articulation should get a professional touch. I think I can handle landscapes and more static models.

I am learning on Lynda dot com however. So who knows. Depending on our project timeline I may be able to learn enough by then to do it.

This picture is unrelated--anyone else craving 'baked beans lemonade' or is it just me?
This picture is unrelated–anyone else craving ‘baked beans lemonade’ or is it just me?

Also my mom picked up a MIDI keyboard with USB attachment just for arranging digital music. She asked if my wife (a classically trained composer) would be interested. We emphatically said yes. So we should be starting in on the music soon. I think we may also use some chip tunes off of freemusicarchive.org to fill in (or at least find someone to work with). Also I need to make my desktop work again.

There you have it. We have been busy but not nearly as busy as I would have liked on the game proper. I hope to get some free time to work on character rigging and texture soon. Then more art and such.

Thanks for reading!


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