What’s Happening July 8th, 2015

First an apologize. I didn’t finish my game design document post or get it up over the weekend. Second this post will be fairly short with a lot less fun than normal. Sorry. I do promise that I won’t make a habit of this.


Monday I took a sick day to go sleep. I hadn’t slept all night. Our house doesn’t have central heat and air. Just fans and a window unit (a 5,000 btu unit for a 1,700 square foot house with tall ceilings is not enough). On top of that we had a sick. Had.

Over the weekend no vets in the area would take her because of the Fourth of July holiday. They told us she should be fine till Monday. She died Monday.

Her appointment was for Tuesday and the exterminators (for our flea infestation) were due today. We took our other cats to family till the house is clean of the vermin.

Everything went from a little stressful and hot to ludicrously abysmal over one holiday.

She isn’t suffering anymore. My family will be however. I’ll be back to writing and developing soon but I need some time to work through this.

Thank you for any well wishes.


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