What’s Happening Thursday, July 16th 2015

Hey guys–I’m slightly more composed this week. Things are still rough but getting better. For example, my house (where I do most of my work) isn’t 100+ degrees inside anymore! Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Crap… that means I’m still Milhouse in this…

Overcoming last week, my wife and I have focused on getting to a better place emotionally. We watched a lot of Daria and I wrote on a novel project I’ve been stewing on for awhile. I took it easy from the pace I had been at but I couldn’t stop working.

To that end while I was on a hiatus from updating the blog I still did a lot of work on game development. We have been finding artists and 3D modelers to help fill out the team. I’ve been creating the game design document and networking with local Oklahoma game devs some. Also I’ve been playing a lot of games both digital and analogue.

For video games it has been more Fallout Shelter and Fallout 3. I found a copy for $2.99 and have already sunk several hours into it. I wanted to do a different kind of character from my usual traveling sniper and repairmen. I took energy weapons and science. It has drastically changed how I approach problems. I love that in open world games. I want to keep that kind of freedom and experimentation in mind for my designs.

I also took a stab at Rocket League and Duck Game. Both are amazing for split screen. I want more in the way of weird electronic sport games. These felt like they work because they strike that cord well.

For board games I played Penguin Ultimatum, Ghost Stories, and Bravest Warriors Dice Game. I liked all of them. Ghost and Bravest have excellent co-op modes that make the game feel like you are accomplishing something by finishing. Penguin was cute but I really liked how the game changed based on the physical place where it was played (cards that would go off the table can’t be played).

Because I have trouble resting I also wrote out ideas for several games. I have been prototyping a few board and card games for a while now. I’m close to ordering a proof copy from a print on demand retailer so I can try it out. Last night however I wrote out plans for three more games. I like them all but I need to finish one project this summer. Just one!

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet. We are getting ready to have another garage sale to get rid of a few things. We want to empty out some and make room to live in our own house. Between floods and fleas we must look like a post-apocalyptic movie set rather than a young married couple. If all goes well maybe we will.

Thanks for reading and I promise regular posts will be back some day.


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