Back to Basics the Right Way

I’ve been trying desperately to push my projects into order. It seems like they are an unruly bunch that want me to work on them all at the same time. Like last week while I was grieving I wrote six chapters to a book I shelved in December 2012. “Well it’s been like two years since I finished this, I guess I’ll dig it up, use some necromantic editing, and just add it to my plate. Why not, right?” I must have said subconsciously. Well, yeah–it’s been that kind of week. So as to stick with that theme I decided to crack open my Evernote account to peek inside…

LEGO Minotaurus
LEGO Minotaurus

For background I am natively a writer. I got involved with games because Sleepy Dev needed someone who had worked with copy editing, social media, marketing, writing, and could do some programming-ish things. I used to edit a magazine called Larks so I had experience with several different things the company needed. However I also use to make board games for fun. More recently we have begun creating video games out of those concepts I had developed.

So for instance, my brother and I made a board game where you place buildings in a town to claim parts of a city. We wanted to make an app for it and release a physical copy. Life got busy for both of us however and it didn’t pan out (yet).

Well I had an idea for a Minecraft board game. I wrote out the rules on a vacation and saved it to Evernote. Since then I disregarded what I wrote and created the game from memory. Looking over what I had instead felt like a gut punch. What I ended up with was a D&D inspired dungeon crawler game (see cross referenced with “Over Bloated Market”). The original idea I had was simple, straight forward, and best of all on point for the theme. So after two years of development, the game I made could be nearly thrown out entirely. It’s not a complete loss–I made a RPG system, a different board game, and a card game from this one spark in that time.

The problem is now I want to develop a prototype for the new-old game and I haven’t complete a single one of the others. Trying to make a to-do list or input my projects into Trello has been a nightmare.

So I think what I need to do is create a database. It needs to reference these projects and keep them in a folder structure I can come back to more easily later. Also I need to keep myself more on track. To start I’m putting together a central site for myself. A place I can put literally everything I do in one place. Maybe then I’ll at least not go searching for projects any more. Second, I’m going to try and complete a small project this week. It may not seem like much but I think that will help me get back into the swing of things. For instance–I might actually finish the first draft of that Game Design Document… finally.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading. I hope to have good news to report soon!


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