What’s Happening August 8th, 2015

*Oh man, I never hit publish on this and then my life got crazy (working at one college while attending another makes August-September a little insane). Here is a post from nearly a month ago with some updates. I’ll try to write some more on this soon.

Hey! So there is lots and lots of nothing happening for me right now. My day job at a college while taking classes for my master’s degree means that this is right between semesters. The Sword of Damocles is standing rigidly above me waiting. But hey, I did some game dev!


I’ve been trying to make a game from scratch to learn the rope of development. I’m pretty weak sauce when it comes to scripting and wanted to see every step that goes into the development cycle. So far I’ve created assets, created prefabs (this is all in Unity btw), and created animations. I did all the layer work and have them pretty much ready to go into a game. The only issue is the scripting now.

I think once I find the right tutorial that clicks with me it will go quick. It is a Berzerk knock off so it is literally: walk, don’t touch anything, and exit room. I want to take it all the way to release on the app market and online. Probably be free just to go through the motions of uploading it.

The game has a tiny goblin who is the hero. He lives in the underground dungeon city of Nrevat (which is directly beneath the questing city of Tavern–get it? Do ya, do ya get?). He wants to leave and go adventure but he runs into ogres who don’t like him.. or rather would like to mash him for fun and a few laughs.

I have an idea for a later concept where it is basically the same game but the map is a continuous maze. You would solve puzzles, escape from monsters, and basically try to survive. It would be a roguelike with no weapons. I like the concept but we’ll look at developing it later or maybe I’ll work on it part time later.

Over the weekend I had an awesome game idea. It would be centered on the idea of parallel dimensions where you control the same character but over two different realities. I wanted to make it to simulate the idea of thinking the grass would have been greener if you did ‘X’ thing instead of ‘X’ thing. I really want to work on it now but I need to focus on one major project.

test toss

On our main project, let’s call it Tavern for now, we are still working on getting art created for the 3D animators. I found some awesome animators right here in Oklahoma but I didn’t want to bring them in if we don’t have enough baseline art yet. I really need to take care of that before the next semester starts.

In games I’ve been rocking a lot of Fallout Shelter. I recently wrote my thoughts about it out. I have really enjoyed it. I also have played a lot of Skyrim. I played the main quest, Thieves’ Guild, and Mages’ Guild quest lines but never finished several others. So now I’m doing that. My character is the very first character I ever made and never played with. Now he has the most time of any of my characters. He has been a vampire, now an assassin, and loyal dedrea occultist. Which is a far cry from the simple bard he started as.

In shows, my wife and I finished Orphan Black season one, Metal Hurlant complete series, and Daria (both movies and the show). Not having TV or internet at home has made us much more productive but also much better about watching all these shows we have put off till now.

These shows taught me a lot about writing in the quiet moments. What do characters do and say when they aren’t punching or running from some fresh horror? Daria especially gave me ideas about how to develop non-action oriented stories. It has its problems like any other show but I really got emotionally invested in the characters and storylines (most of the time anyway). Orphan Black on the other hand blew my mind with how to ramp up tension without a gun fight. Also how to ramp up tension with a gun fight. The show’s writing overall is really well done especially with the sheer number of plotlines and characters they juggle.

And Metal Hurlant… uh… it…. uh…. it tried. Really it did. I joke–it was like a slightly lame Twilight Zone. Every episode literally ended with some like, “It was Hitler the WHOLE time!” the whole time winking at the audience. It was really bold though with its characters and stories. It gave me lots to think about  for my writing in regards to world creation through character actions.

In reading I was loaned a copy of YOU by Austin Grossman. It is about game developers in the 90’s, So far I’m really liking it. The novel has a gonzo like lucid dream element to the writing style that makes it feel more like poetry at times. Then the style switches into full life mode where the character is cleaning the floor of their new apartment and describing the gross way the dirt comes up. It really captures the feelings I’ve had working at tech firms so it struck a cord with me. Also the character and I share a lot in common when it comes to game development. Hopefully it keeps being good.

Besides all that I’m trying to get my house squared away. My wife and I are thinking about selling the place and moving again. We put two years into the place and after this summer I don’t know if it can ever be a home for us. Not to mention we work and play in completely other towns. So I am unpacking/packing and trying to do as much work as possible to make the place look good for any possible buyers. Also I’m starting my thesis. So… yay?


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