What’s Happening October 1st, 2015

S’up? That good? Sweet. Me? Oh, not much…


My thesis was approved though.

So starting now I’m researching how to incorporate game design into library systems. My thought is to make a search box that is inside a graphical interface. I need to do a lot of research before that all works out but I am pretty pumped!

It wasn’t a sure thing. I asked the director of my department if there was anything I should be doing and they said they hadn’t seen anything about my thesis (so not approved yet). So I freaked out and made a proposal over the next. Since games are my passion, I listed one of the topics as games related but didn’t think it would get approval. To my surprise it was the one they liked the best!

This week I haven’t been playing too much. I have been focused on Snake Eater. I talked in a previous post about how I thought I was being too nostalgic in how I thought about playing it. Now that I started treating it like its own thing it has gotten much better. Also I totally gave up on sneaking.

In Metal Gear one and two I tried really hard to sneak the whole time and be stealthy. Now I run through the level with a shotgun. I’d say this is out of the spirit of the series but I keep getting rewarded for being rash. Seriously lost an hour and change of playing Sunday to sneaking mission failing. So I busted out the shotgun and finished the stage in under three minutes.

On top of that ammo and weapons are easy to come by. Enemies don’t do that much damage on Normal. I feel like the game is either not interested in stealth or it was made easier at the last minute.

I’ve mostly been reading journal articles for school. We don’t have as many text books but we do a lot more journals and short essay responses to them. It seems to fit the feel of the classes’ intention.

I did read an intriguing article on Polygon about games as art. I’m writing a full thought on it, but the response in the comments was really interesting. It isn’t every comment section you see full blown aesthetics discussion. Now the author is getting a lot of targeted harassment so I’ll need to wait to criticize as any negative feedback will be swept up in this rage tzunami–thus making any ideas or counterpoints I have won’t be considered. Funny how hating something extra hard actually gives it legitimacy.

In listening I’ve been hip to Hot Chip recently. Their videos are usually ridiculous and they are pretty easy to work to.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of podcasts. My ride to work is just at 30ish minutes so Match3 and Team GFB Radio have been keeping me company. Match3 introduces a lot of neat games and concepts I wouldn’t think of. Also they talk about games education which I need to soak up for the thesis.

They are a little uneven though. Some episodes are great. Others they just seem mad at games and gaming. I get that way too but I feel like maybe they would have more fun being a different kind of podcast that has a lot of games talk in it. Also they focus on some games like dating sims, JRPGs, and art games that I either am not excited about or haven’t had the time to play with much. I mean I am down for some Orc dating but most of the time I’m just not interested.

ALSO–point of interest: how in the hell can you love art/education games and just not “get” Minecraft?! Like seriously–I’m getting some mixed signals on y’all’s interest.

Team GFB Radio is the same, a real mixed bag. They are two veteran game developers working at their own indie studio. The build up to it made me think it would be all game design all the time but it is more a slice of life for people in gaming. The host, Dave Lang, talks about all the conferences he goes to, the people he talks to, and the events he plans. That’s fine (and super important to people in the business) but it hasn’t been what I wanted. Also the way they talk about getting into games and what to do to get into games was just bad. They lucked into positions at the rise of game dev and suggest others to not go to college/school.

I’m really looking for a podcast about getting started in games, making games, and about new interesting games. The problem has been I either find the super advanced podcast where they are talking Destiny gear builds or they give a soilers-filled summation of games they’ve played. OR it is the opposite and only talking about games culture and hey how was your move?

I’m liking both of the podcasts  but I’ll keep looking for something closer to what I want. I feel so lost after running out of Welcome to Nightvale.

For watching, my wife recently started watching Gotham. I had wanted to see it but never caught it. The show seems pretty great. I love the disregard for time period, the immaculate casting (mostly), and the thoughtful story telling. Little things like the humor and in jokes really sell it for me.

I will say somethings like Cat’s dialogue feel forced (why is she so concerned with kissing Bruce?) or silly (Cobblepot, we need to talk about that hair). It really does capture the best things about Batman though. The series Batman Beyond did this for a few seasons too. They kept the quirky-silly mixed in with the heavy hitting drama and story. I hope it keeps up.

In dev news, I’m making meetings with a new artist. I’m super psyched. With any luck I can start getting material to show off for our game. The weird thing: I posted pictures of a mock up like a year ago and someone in Tulsa put out a legal claim on the name I used.

It says it dead now but I need to find a lawyer to talk to. Should I find a new brand name or try to claim the one I’ve been working with? I don’t really have cash to any file right now so I don’t want to get into a legal battle. Also, while I like the name I came up with I’m not $200 attached to it. Any copyright lawyers reading this?

Other cool news–my university has a 3D printer. I’ve put in a request for a build to be made. If it works out I might look into making more stuff with it. I’ve had my eye on making my own pipboy. It’ll also give me more Blender

Anywho, that’s been it. I’ve been beaten up by school. Keeping up with all the assignments along with school and along with work has been a full job and a half. I’m thinking maybe by the end of next week I’ll have something cool to show you all.


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