What’s in a Blog?

Okay, so, yeah… I’ve tried to create sites, blogs, and content online for a while now and I just can’t seem to make something coherent about myself in regular updates on one topic. In light of wanting to keep writing and wanting to put out regular content (as well as actually keep up with it) I’m going to start just putting everything here from now on (or till I stop). My problem seems to be that I start working on something then I have to switch to a new topic briefly and I get out of the habit of writing about the other than stop both.


So instead of writing about one topic on one blog, I’ll write about everything I’m doing and then push it out from here if I like later. I think this will be a better system than updating one of my five blogs every six months.

Anyway, enough talk about me, let’s talk about ME. My name’s Daniel. I write science fiction and fantasy. I work at a university. I’m currently finishing my master’s in information science. I helped co-found Sleepy Dev and make 3D models, project documents, and manage freelancers for our game development. I also am renovating an old house in my hometown where I will hopefully live at (again).

Here’s a quick update on my life–


I finished a science fantasy book called Cloudsea a while back (like 2 NaNoWriMo’s ago, maybe?). It’s pretty dope. It’s also hella scrambled and muddled. I tried editing it into something resembling a complete book and I ended up cutting it in half and rewriting most of it. Then I decided to just start over from scratch. This was working out mostly but I have just stared at it for so long that I just needed to break from it for a while. So I started writing more stories set in the same world. Now I’ve plotted… 1, 2, 3… carry the trilogy… like a bunch more novels set in the world. Seriously like 8 or 9. They are all chicken-scratched onto loose legal pad pages that I’ve been copying into Google Docs for a while now.

In order to keep from going completely mad, I started just writing a book I hadn’t written on yet but that has the most well-plotted storyline. Hopefully, I can write like a page a day on it and finish sometime in the next few years. Why in a few years do you ask? Cause school has me locked up for the rest of this year.

Master’s Degree:

So I started taking master’s courses in Library and Information Science a while back. I decided to write a thesis for it. Funny enough, my advisor didn’t know I was so close to being done with classes (nor did I). So instead of taking another year of class (like I thought I needed) I just have to finish my thesis this Summer and defend it this Fall! This is pretty exciting because that means I have a lot less work to do than I thought, but it also means finishing my thesis. I’ve researched a lot on it but I need to put it all on paper and complete my research project.

My thesis is, basically, making an information science learning video game and seeing if students actually learn anything from it. I want to make a simple library game and have people try it out. Then test if they learned anything new from it.

Game Development:

Sleepy Dev was going super strong. Then life smacked me and my team in the collective faces. The good news is it has given me time to learn the skills we need to actually get our project going. The bad news is that we don’t have a physical project to show off. I am currently learning Blender so that I can contribute more. I had learned how to make 2D sprites and art but then we decided on going 3D. This made me double back hard to figure that out. I’ve made a lot of progress personally, but now I want to put that to work in a real project. I’m hoping my library game will be the project to really kick me into gear.


The Fox House has been on hold for a little bit. Between school, work, and life I just haven’t gotten it done. I need to finish a few “five-minute jobs” and then we could possibly refinance. With that done we should hopefully be able to save up so we can make the last of the big repairs and upgrades. Last winter we were chased out by ice and cold. We just couldn’t get the place to stay warm enough to be safe. We have no fireplace, no ducts for our furnace, and no roof insulation so all of our heat just goes right out the top of the place. If we can get a handle on that we should be moved back in and have the place looking good soon.

Other Stuff:

I have started playing games with my awesome wife and posting them to YouTube. We want to do a little more with videos in the future so we are testing the waters right now. I want to make either a podcast or vlog show to post regualarlly. I was really inspired after listening to the Adventure Zone for 20 straight hours during a car ride so I want to make something. Also, the AZ inspired me to start an RPG group. We’ll start in late July this year so I’m excitedly get things together for it.


I’ve been busy and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) shouldn’t be for much longer. If all goes well several projects should finish soon and I can breathe a little easier.

I hope you like this spaghetti against the wall format for the blog. I’ll still post stuff (once we get really going) on Sleepy Dev that pertains to business stuff when the time comes. Till then, check here for all your Daniel J. Pool related news and random mumblings.

Thanks for reading!



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4 thoughts on “What’s in a Blog?

  1. I love watching Sci-Fi but struggle to read it, it’s as if every author assumes the reader has deep knowledge when they’re writing. Love Fantasy though, especially Katharine Kerr’s Deverry series (though I loved Polar City Blues and Nightmare) and Harry Turtledove’s Darkness series. Any recommendations for some basic sci-fi reading to get me going?

    1. Hmmm, I started into Sci-Fi (a little late in high school) with Dune, Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Land. They explain what is happening and worry more about their characters than the exact science. However Dune and Starship are pretty dense works to read without something like a book club or friend to read with. Stranger also digs into some heavy religious theory. My dad had read them all and I could pick his head on what was happening.

      I’d suggest something lighter to get started. It’s hard to go wrong with Ender’s Game. It’s a series but the first book is a complete story. It talks the reader through what’s going on without needing cliff notes. Also it is fairly representation of the larger genre–if you’re not sure you want to read more or not.

      From there I’d say the Giver, InterWorld, and the Postman would all be good titles to try out some of the different Sci-Fi sub-genres.

      Hope this helps! Maybe I can add my book to that list some day!

      1. I’ve read Dune, had to re-read the first 20 pages or so a couple of times, purely to the non-standard names, places, etc… Will look into your recommendations though, and if you get published, I’ll read that too! Is the Postman the basis for the Costner film? I think I’m one of nine people worldwide who thinks that film is a masterpiece!

        1. Awesome! Yeah, I read Dune with one hand on the chapter and one on the Dune Dictionary, haha.

          The Postman is the base for the film but the film is actually better. The book was a serial so it reads a little different and there are some big changes from the movie.

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