The Wood Came Back Inside the House

I feel like trash. Everything is sore. My hands have an assortment of tiny cuts running up and down my fingers. I get a little reminder when I use hand-sanitizer. It took me way too long to get out of bed this morning. Longer than usual at least. But, it’s okay. I had a full weekend. The reason I’m so banged up though? Wood came back inside the house this weekend. Okay, so maybe that is cryptic. I’ll explain.


Side note: I actually wrote this like two weeks ago. Update, I actually hired a guy to come in and do some work to help me get the place in shape. Should have some updates on that soon! Anyway, back to blog:

So, I mentioned I’m remodeling this house, right? It’s the second oldest house in my neighborhood. It’s like 1,700 square feet. It’s also adorable. Well, we ripped it down to bare studs when we started working on it. It needed all new wiring, plumbing, and a lot of re-framing. You’ll hear people say, “If it stood this long, it’s not collapsing now!” or “They don’t build ’em like they use to!” The thing about that is, this place was falling into the ground. We probably saved the place a week before being demolished (and for good reason).

Anyway, we were working on this house and we found out that underneath several layers of drywall were ship-lap boards. That’s a kind of wall covering that is basically a thin wide board with a lip on either end. They’d nail one board on and then hook the next one to it. It makes an interlocking structural support for a wall covering. Which was good cause this house wasn’t built with sixteen-on-center stud structure (read that jargon as the way walls are built so they don’t fall down in modern houses).


So we had to rip all this ship-lap off the walls when we did the re-framing and the electrical. But the thing is, all that wood is valuable. People love this stuff. It’s all the rage on HGTV. People do accent walls or leave some exposed. So when we took it down we saved it all in a big pile on my front porch. Our plan was to put back at least one wall in every room and then save the rest to make flooring. We’ll nail it down and then smooth it really good with a floor sander. After that, we’ll fill in cracks, stain it, and seal it really good. It should look awesome. It’s one of the last major steps in making this house a home.


So this weekend, even though I’d been tiling on my hands and knees for a few hours, I brought wood BACK inside the house. It was more symbolic than useful. Hell, I think I will actually set up the saw outside so I’ll have to carry back out. But I’m that much closer to finally going home. It’s been a long road and I’m ready to be at the end of it. For a time anyway.


Tangentially, this is why I get kind of emotional watching the Hobbit movies. Like, those dwarves all just want to go home. Everywhere they try to live is just another pit-stop before moving on. That’s been my life for years. At this point, I don’t really care where it is but I want to have a place to call home. Put down roots. Go to luncheons. All those life things that I’ve put on hold for too long while taking these big gambles on ventures I couldn’t afford.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I still need to insulate and seal up my roof. Right now, it’s just ship-lap and then pretty much open air to the outside. I need to do something about the ceiling to keep the cool air inside. The other day I was mixing grout and some of the dust shot straight up into my ceiling. I’m guessing it’s not doing anything to stop heat and cold from getting in. After that’s complete, I’ll turn my attention to finishing out the air duct system and getting my furnace blowing. With any luck, I’ll be able to actually stay there over the winter.

Thanks for reading!



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