Dev-ing Around: Asteroids

Hi ya! So as part of my graduate degree, I am making a short video game to mimic library activities. As such, I have been working through some short tutorials to get reacquainted with Yoyo’s GameMaker. It was the best option for creating an HTML5 game that would need the least amount of work from the user to get started. So I wanted to share an Asteroids knock-off I made called Rock Shooter.


It’s based on Asteroids from Atari. This is a streamlined version without sound effects. I really wanted to concentrate on the mechanics built into the game. I wanted to play with the some of the expected norms but haven’t gotten there just yet. I wanted to have things like spawner enemies, upgrades, downgrades, and weird aesthetics to shake up the normal point-and-shoot of the game.

You can download and play it with this link:

I’d mount it in the page but I don’t have WordPress mounted on my own server space right now. I need to test it through my server later, however.

If you’re interested in making this yourself, check out Shaun Spalding‘s video series on YouTube.


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