Session Six of Evil D&D: Have Sword, Will Adventure

Our sixth installment of evil doers D&D was a bit of an adventure in and of itself. My wife and a friend of hers needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping. My brother needed a ride to the game after he got off work from his security work at 7:00 AM. We all jumped in the little two-door Toyota Echo and headed to the city. Also, there were sixty-mile-an-hour winds full of icy hate blowing into the state. It was awesome.


Our bard offered to let us play at his place. It was a cozy game with just him, the warrior, and the cleric in attendance. The others had family obligations with the incoming weather. From the end of our last adventure, we saddled up and made way for the final dungeon in the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter box. Until this mission, most of the adventures had been more open and sandbox-ish. This was the first true dungeon crawl of the campaign.

The whole crew went into the story (even the NPCs) and headed back to the Thundertree Temple. There they met with the Necromancer from an earlier encounter. He felt tricked because they had told him the dragon he was searching for had flown south (a lie because the dragon should have flown north) when the necromancer knew it had gone to the mountain. The team was puzzled but a fight began with between the party, a group of zombies, and the magic user. The encounter was short-lived, however. The dark mage really didn’t stand a chance.

Inside the cave, they found an open prairie of rolling meadows. They were puzzled but then witnessed the field turn to caves with time magic. The party quickly pieced together that the mountain was emitting time magic radiation. In the cave, they discovered one of Gundren Rockseeker’s brothers dead in his bed and two passages leading into the mountain. The warrior, cleric, and bard took the west passage while the rogue, wizard, Gundren, and Sildar took the north.

In the passages, there was supposed to be several dangerous encounters. All of these were handily circumnavigated by quick thinking. The bloodthirsty bat things? Scared away by a laser light show. The wondering slimes? Never made it to them in time. The ghoul packs? They decided to leave them alone. They did hit a poison mushroom trap but soon after they began walking into the story section of the dungeon.

They met a wizard from the heyday of the mountain kingdom named Mormesk who was mining rare gemstones. One gem caught the adventurers’ eyes, a giant green gem that was glowing with necrotic power that the wizard called a Death Stone. Trying to snatch, our skeleton warrior fell to pieces.

The party didn’t get much time to think on this, however, as time advanced. This goes around they were up to the night of the great calamity that set the events of the game in motion. Dwarf warriors were running information for the grand hall and the party followed.

In the hall, squads of dwarves were preparing for an attack. Just as the party arrived, the main doors blew open to reveal a little dragon. It was just a hatchling and began playing in the room. Then the real threat arrived, a two-story fire elemental. Two things happened here: 1) the party actually defeated what was going to be the big bad for the next/last session without a full party and 2) the DM sobbed silently.

I knew I was going easy on them with the way the encounter was set up. It was supposed to be a glimpse of what was to come. The elemental would only attack the dwarves in the hall. That said, it went down in under two turns. I knew that the final fight would be a full party against this guy. So I started planning on how to make him beefier.

After the fight, they watched as a pillar collapsed and killed a dwarf. As it turns out, it was our very own cleric that was killed in the past. Time fast forwarded to the present and all that remained was a skeleton of the dwarf. The cleric took this pretty well as he just robbed himself of a +1 Axe. However, this brought a rogue party of ghouls interest in the party and another combat kicked off.

They managed to scare the ghouls off with some clever kickassery. They watched where they fled and decided to go the other way. In the room, they found there was a squad of bugbears and goblins hiding from the ghouls. Talking fast, they convinced the group that they were sent by the same boss that they worked for. Thereby, the party received a much needed long rest. On their way out of the room, there was a familiar rumble and the goblins said to see them later (in case they weren’t transported to the same time together). The room became dark and they were left alone in the ruins of present day again.

Leaving, the party headed straight for the boss chamber. Entering, they found it completely empty. This gave them time to get a sense of the temple room, the Temple of Du’Mass. Here they found a large chamber with an orb emitting time magic in the center. It was surrounded by thirteen chairs, with eleven seated statues, one empty chair, and one destroyed chair.


Time shifted again to the distant past, this time they watched as a young Dark Doom (their boss) helped move a hatchling green dragon into the room. The party’s wizard was ordering him around right before Mormesk burst into the room to stop the wizard. The party watched as the wizards faced off. In doing so they accidently released the fire titan. In the fight, the dragon and the wizard accidently switched bodies. Dark Doom completed the ritual to save his dragon friend’s unlife.

Finally, all the timelines caught up and the party found themselves in the chamber but at present day. The dreaded Blackspider, a small army of under dwarves, and Venomfang the dragon greeted them.

We rolled initiative. Then we looked up from the table and saw blankets of snow start to fall outside. Unknown to us, the huge snow storm was hours ahead of schedule. So we packed up and made a run for it. Luckily, we made it home with no issues–it just hurt to leave the party AT the final fight.

To start your own adventures, check out a copy of the players’ handbook:


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