Life Update March 2017

It’s probably a good time to do a quick check-in. I’m still alive and projects are advancing. Things have just gotten really hectic. I went from having a pretty solid social-work life balance and then the scales flopped hard both ways all at once. I think I am getting back up, though. Here’s the run down.

*Note, I actually wrote this a while back… so it’s late getting posted.


First, it was my birthday last week. I really stopped counting and I don’t love people giving me attention/gifts so I never really look forward to it. In the past, I’ve managed whatever anxiety the day brings for me by making things as casual as possible. For several years I’d just put out an open invitation to meet me in the city for beer and a movie. Then my friends and I would have a quiet pizza/movie night. Done and done. This year, due to circumstances, it got extended to a week of meetups, hangouts, and over indulgences.

Not complaining (I had a wonderful time) but it really did a number on my productivity and sleep schedule. Now I am slightly hungover and trying my best to recollect what all I need to do at work while the caffeine is still holding my eyelids back.

It started with dinner and a movie (Power Rangers) on Thursday with the wife. Then pizza/movie night on Friday with friends. Then an all day hang out at the Norman Medieval Fair. An all night hang out at dive bars with my inlaws. Then, lastly, a cookout with my parents Sunday. Each was a lot of fun and I really couldn’t ask for a better week (I mean I could have asked for the rain to hold out for nine holes at the disk golf course but, as an Oklahoman, I think I may be legally barred from complaining about any amount of rain we receive).

Now I just feel tired. Being social takes a lot of energy for me. I usually refill this social stamina with reading a book or gaming privately but I haven’t had that kind of time. I’ll just have to get recharged while working on my thesis.


Which, I received a call last week. I thought it was a student’s parent but the voice belonged to my thesis advisor. I immediately panicked, however she was just calling to check in. I had avoided calling after several technical setbacks. She reassured me though that I could keep working or sign up for comps. This took a huge weight off of me. I mean, I’m close to having a finished instrument, but I just haven’t managed the project well. Changing technology solutions a few times and having trouble hiring additional programmers has put a strain on my time for researching. Having a plan b makes the stress less doomsday and more manageable. I will get this master’s done (one way or the other).

Other goings ons:

  • I haven’t written much that wasn’t for work… in, like, months. I guess I wrote some for my D&D group but we didn’t meet in March (everyone was too busy) and it is unlikely we will get together this month (still very busy). I did write a Chapter 1 of a story but have no clue when I’ll actually plan it or try to work on it.
  • The house hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. I’m hoping that I can get the gas lines and master bathroom finished. Then we can hopefully fully move back in by May. I did mow the lawn so at least I’m legal.
  • My truck isn’t running, but I now have the repair manuals, parts, and tools to do so.
  • Ukulele training has been slow but I have a bunch of cords down and got some song books for my birthday from the wife!
  • I still don’t have super powers but my diabolical laugh is coming along nicely. I just need to go hang out in the chemistry labs during a lightening storm.
  • My game development for the thesis is stable and looks nice. I need to finish the quests and make sure it is aligning to my learning objectives.

That’s about all at the moment. When I have more time, I want to do a write up about Power Rangers, Until Dawn, and a longer game dev update (with screen shots).

Thanks for reading!


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