I’m pleased and happy to announce that the last of my immediate in-laws finished high school! They are a good kid and we got a cake out of the deal. Luckily the worst of the storms missed us and just made the graduation a little wet (rather than a little destroyed).


There’s really nothing deeper here to ponder. General concerns over the passing of time withholding, it was nice to celebrate something non-ironically. I mean, birthdays always seem like wakes with one uninvited guest and wakes are just birthdays without that guest. Baby showers are really just ‘yay you had the sex!’ and most holidays are forced family bonding time. Whereas graduations are actually mostly pure celebrations of time passed towards a met goal.

I put them right up there with retirement parties (and retirement after party once that person leaves).


We did have some out of state family join us. The weather was that exact window between chilly and ‘what hath god wrought hot’ for Oklahoma. We got a lot of outside porch time in.

Thanks for reading and happy grad-ing!


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