Weekend Update July 5th, 2017

Yo! S’up?

I had a big weekend around the Fourth and wanted to give a little update. It was good, weird, fun, and thoughtful.

Look at that nerd.

First, I had a camp staff reunion at a camp in Tishomingo, OK. It was the 50th anniversary of the camp. I hadn’t been there in over a decade. So much had changed and a lot stayed exactly the same.

It was really weird. Like, dreaming but I was awake. Everything was exactly how I remember like the trails, roads, rocks, and heat. Yet nothing was where it should be like the program areas or the facilities. It was coming home after college and finding that your room has a Bowflex instead of a bed. Had a lot of fun but it was trippy seeing everything being just a little different.

This new facility was actually up to code and was structurally sound. Weird, right?

When we got home Saturday night, I was exhausted. I ended up chilling in front of the TV. There were a few episodes of Rick and Morty but then pretty much nothing. So I checked out Avatar the Last Airbender. I’d wanted to watch Legend of Kora for a while but I figured I should go through Airbender first. Oh, my goodness. I have a blog worth of thoughts on this show. I’m really liking it. However, I fell asleep in my chair and went to bed.

Sunday I went to work at the church. Nothing really out of the ordinary there. Went and hung out with my parents for a bit. Then went to the house for a while. I’m still trying to finish the tiling in the master bathroom.


Monday, my wife and I headed back to Lindsay. My mom has had a bee in her bonnet about emptying the outbuilding near the end of her property. It was the ‘A-Model’ shed and now it’s the ‘junk we don’t know where to store/camping stuff’ shed. I got there a little late but helped clear it out. We put in shelving. Threw away a bunch of stuff. Then we put back what they kept. It looks way better. They were able to get all their mowers and such in one place out of the rain. It also freed up the ‘Coke-Lounge’ (so named after the soda and not the “candy”).

I did feel really bad. Being dyslexic, I get really heated when I’m working with sequences or numbers with “help” from other people. Putting the shelving together, my mom was getting “helpful” about how to count the holes in the shelves. It’s 100+ degrees in a tiny pine box with no moving air and she is saying stuff like, “I know I’m old fashioned but it’d probably be helpful to actually count.” Oh? I’m sorry, I’m balancing and holding steel shelving with my head while I try to work around dad (whatever he was doing under the shelving) and trying to count tiny holes while you keep nitpicking my work. Then I snapped at her. I felt pretty bad and she decided to go somewhere else to work.

Later, we were putting things on the shelves. I picked up some baby toys and put them on the shelves. They only have one grandkid and he is nearly ten. Mom said she wanted to keep them in case my older brother or I ever DECIDED to have children in the future. Saying that to someone that HAS been trying to have children for over five years really sucked. I snapped again and corrected her. She acted like I was making excuses. Just kind of brushing it aside. I mean, Father’s Day this year was a little rough on me. I balled watching Guardians of the Galaxy Two. Now she just casually says I’m not trying… I wonder if it’s too late to volunteer back at camp for the summer?

red profile.png

On America Day, I watched more Avatar before setting back out for the house. I managed to get the living room clear of junk. Then I installed some new fixtures. Lastly, I put up a bunch of tile in the bathroom. It is just nearly about done. I still need to hook the wiring into lights and switches but it is way closer.

It’s still cluttered but nearly back to being a home.

Back at the ranch, the wife and I played one of the most patriotic board games, Ghost Stories. It celebrates our American Independence from evil ghost-demons. We lost twice and watched some Peter Draws. I fell asleep watching Avatar again.

I guess it doesn’t sound like much but I was pretty busy and away from screens for most of it. Had a lot of time to think through ideas, concepts, and life stuff. I really want to hit the ground running to get my game development done this month. I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’m so close. I also want to start producing more content in general. I’ve been looking into starting a few new media projects.

Amid all of this, I kind of remembered that I need to do more for myself while I’m at it. Not like expensive toys and games or new clothes but like jogging and eating right and getting outside more. I need to balance my time better and get some air every now and then. I need to take the time to go on adventures of my own more.

Thanks for listening.

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