Hello, dear, sweet, innocent reader. As you are likely aware, I am usually trying to do way too much. Which is why, over the past few years and months, have been thinking about starting a podcast. It really won’t be a soon thing but I think I may have an actual plan on what I want to do. Which means I am, at the very least, on a path towards getting started.

The picture is only slightly related to the topic.

I have been tossing around a bunch of ideas. I wanted to do something in the vein of Match3. It was a games podcast that featured games industry speakers but gave a slightly different perspective (of which I identified with more than say your usual “shoot’em discussion”). They had a reporter, a critic, and a teacher, I would call them ‘alt-gamers’ in the sense that they, like me, didn’t really get excited about graphics or boring designs. They dug in deep on story, voice, mechanics, and just having fun no matter what.

The three principal hosts all became more famous and ended the project. I have since been adrift looking for similar content and thought I could fill that void. BUT the games community can be described as akin to a dumpster fire on a good day (and a nuclear wasteland on better days). Additionally, I didn’t really know if I have the time to devout to playing enough games to curate the content quality I’d want from a Match3 clone.

A friend wanted to do a short story cast in a shared universe about a spooky town. I asked if he’d been listening to Welcome to Nightvale. He said he’d try it and I haven’t heard from him since…

A different friend wanted to start a podcast in which he interviewed random people they met on around town. This sounded absolutely terrifying to me (seriously, my hometown is Nightvale south).

I thought about doing just a Marc Maron but for nerds cast. I thought that could be fun, something I could do solo, and I could still talk alt-games now and then. However, I think without another caster to keep me honest I wouldn’t update nearly enough.

There was this one idea where every episode we introduce the show. Every episode we are rebranding ourselves as a wholly new show that is going in a bold new direction. The whole show every week is just us making up what the new show is about and apologizing for not updating enough (no matter how long ago the last episode went out). Like Cool Games, Inc but for podcasting.

I also thought about having a show where there would be a topic to discuss. One ‘straight-man’ character would attempt to keep the conversation on task. The rest of the cast would attempt desperately to derail the conversation as fast as possible.

Ever since listening to the Adventure Zone, I’ve wanted to do a real play D&D podcast. However, I’m trying to keep up with just DMing a group in general. I feel like this would be the most reliably content-wise though. A single four-hour D&D session can be four or five thirty-minute episodes with editing.

Lastly, I also thought about doing a serial novel series or just a novel reading of my in progress novels but again I just don’t think I’d be disciplined enough right this minute (it only took me a decade to finish my first book so what could go wrong, right?). If I did this, I’d want to do something like Fantasy Fiction where it’s me and a friend just making up ridiculous stuff and reading it to each other.

Then I remembered, just this morning, that I used to run a fiction blog. It got to be too much stress when I started renovating my house and I took on an extra weekend job that ate up the time slot I had for it. However, I have at least a few friends who have wanted to bring back the blog. In the next few months to a year, I should free up a lot of the time that I’ve lost to school, the house, and work that I could take the project back on.

My concept would be to curate stories each week to post on the blog site. Then have those that curated the stories perform live readings recorded for the podcast. Then I’d collect them into e-books for the monthly edition as I had in the past. The blog part wasn’t terrible. I just really needed to be about four issues ahead to make it work. Too often, new writers submit their work to multiple venues and if I wait too long to reply, they end up sending it elsewhere. The e-book version is usually just formatting and doesn’t take all that long once it is on the blog site (most weird issues are worked out by then). The podcast version would hopefully be mostly recording. It’s possible we could just record without much editing.

In my head, it sounds like a two hour a week project but I’m for sure it could be a lot more than that. I would absolutely need to get some help for it. I’d probably want to create a Patreon or some other forms of monetization for it because I’d want to keep it as free as possible. Having the cash to post the submission guidelines to a few sites online and make trips to conventions would be great. Being able to promote and pay artists fairly would be extraordinary.

I like the idea because it touches on nearly every form of online tool/workflow that I need to learn more about. Also, it is a good basis for my future plans of being a fiction editor/publisher (again). I think the idea has a lot of synergy with my career goals.

HOWEVER–I refuse to even open the old Larks email till I have the time/energy to actually give it the effort the project deserves. I stressed out so hard about the magazine when I was running it before that I lost sleep and burned a lot of friends online and off. I just can’t do that again. I don’t want to half-butt the project. I also have a few more minor projects I wanted to try out with Twitch and Youtube as well.

I’ll get there… some day. Thanks for reading!


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