September 2017

Oh dear. So I started my last semester of grad school (for the third but really the last time). I haven’t taken regular classes in a while and it’s a bit of a transition. I have web development and makerspaces this semester. It should be an adventure.

How does YOUR garden grow?

I am ecstatic for web development. I have been trying to learn HTML for years but never quite got the hang of it. This class is really helping me break down the barrier to entry I’d been hitting. Usually, with coding anything, I start, get just a toe in, and then hit a wall. This book has broken down the steps better for me and uses a lot of tutorials to walk you through problems.

The makerspaces course is a completely new class developed by a prominent researcher in the field. We are studying the phenomena of shared areas where people come together to make projects together. Some are like shared tool rooms for underprivileged areas, others are highly technical like robotics labs, and others are quilters’ circles or hobby stores. The important aspect of the space is that it is a learner-driven experience with fairly loose structure.

I was super lucky to make it into both classes but I’m exhausted. Keeping up with homework on top of my 8-5 work and next to my gaggle of side jobs has been a tightrope act. I think I am managing most of it.

For Makerspaces, I need to create a maker project. I choose a board game. I have one game that is complete (rules-wise) but I would need to 3D print everything. I want to go ahead and have that ready just in case. However, for the project, I am trying to fix a project that I mocked up a few years ago. I made a dungeon crawler that was also a deck builder. It was never right though. So now I am trying again with tweaked rules, design, and concept. My journal for the process is up at this WordPress.

I have to create a website for Web Development as well. I think I will make a simple textbased adventure game for it. Just, you know, to keep with my theme. I haven’t even started thinking too deeply about it. I think I may try a simple choose your own adventure type game. However, I haven’t looked at the website requirements yet.

My other projects for this month have been writing some short stories for a possible podcast. A friend and I are writing superhero stories to tell each other. I have also been working through tutorials on Game Maker. After a few more learning projects, I want to create some small games to put up on my page.

Recreationally, I watched all of Neo Yokio (my second most favorite anime ever now) and finished Daredevil season 1. The wife and I are watching American Horror Story Hotel and I have been catching up on Ash Vs. the Evil Dead here and there.

After I graduate, I plan on getting a tattoo, start streaming, and watching every single Star Trek in episode release order. I am so ready for this semester to be over. I can sort of get back to real life for a while. Oh, and finish my house. I need to do that at somepoint.

Thanks for reading!


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