Deving-Around: Dungeon Bounce

Hey! A long… Long… LONG time ago I completed the Game Maker tutorial for ‘Catch the Clown’. It’s a super simple tutorial that comes with GM. I played around with it and made my own version that you can try out on my page.


Basically, there is an object that bounces around the screen. You click on it and it disappears and randomly reappears on the screen. You get points for clicking it. In my version, the object speeds up the more you click it so it’s sort of an endless clicker sim.


I switched out all the sprites with images I made. I changed the scene from a circus to a dungeon with a monster (sort of like a clown). I learned a lot from this project. I sort of want to go back through and change/tweak things but I really needed to move on to my next project. There were some little HTML problems when it was loaded onto that really stick out to me.

For instance, the top right block is off center on the website. It runs fine from a Windows launcher, however. That is one consistent issue I have had working with Game Maker. The markup language has some issues with HTML games. You just have to know what will cause an issue. That’s why I am excited to be taking an HTML class this semester. I hope I can smooth out these kinds of issues.

Also fun, I uploaded an original soundtrack that I made with Bosca Ceoil. I need to play with how loud it is though.


Anyway, I am working on web development at the moment so I probably won’t have any new games on until at least December. I want to try and make some more proof of concept things like a platformer and a visual novel.


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