Starting a New Thing

Hey! I’m alive, first off. Also, I’m starting a new project. A friend of mine and I are getting into podcasting. We have been planning, writing, and engineering some content that we hope to bring to you starting next year.


I’ll bring you more details as we get ourselves straightened out. The main thing is we are writing stories in a shared universe and then sharing them every other week. Because our lives are super busy, we have been writing and recording episodes in advance. We don’t want to have any breaks in our schedule.

Our theme is superheroes but we both play with genres a lot. The first few stories have played with themes, genre, and characters a lot. So far, we have a pilot recorded and edited. We are recording again soon and getting our RSS feed setup.

My friend and I are both learning about the recording process. It seems like a mountain that should be a molehill to me. Like, should recording sound be this much work? Wait, yeah, there are entire career paths to make people sound good when recorded. So, I guess so. But, we don’t want to launch till we like our product. Our pilot sounds awesome though!

So far, we have had some great lessons learned. For example, we never noticed how much we say ‘like’ in normal speech. I apparently am too used to my own voice now and it doesn’t bother me (as much as it should). Always have water and breath regularly. Additionally, my cats are jerks and CAN meow loud enough through a closed door to be heard on a recording. Also, having a basic show outline is super important. Also also, introducing yourself is really weird when your audience is one other person.

Anyway, I will update again when I have hard details that I can share. We will have a formal launch with a title and website and everything soonish. I hope you all love it!



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