A Good Place

I’ve been a bundle of nerves for the last few weeks. I took my comprehensive examination for my graduate program a few weeks ago. It was a weekend long essay test. I had heard horror stories about it but couldn’t really devote time to thinking about that. The weekend came and I made nearly every mistake possible as a test taker. Turned it in and prayed. Then waited for my results. I saw a friend on Facebook post that they had passed and it took a full minute to remember we are in the same program. So I rushed out to my school email…


Should I frame the email?



So, that was a big relief. I was half expecting to have to try again next semester. Usually, I would be dancing with that kind of good news. However, I was so exhausted that I just sort of laid my head down and let out a breath I’d been holding on to.

But, what now?

I still need to keep up with classes. I did the math and I can still royally fail both my courses if I stopped turning in homework (NOT THAT I WOULD… but I thought it was good to check). I have two final projects to work on. I need to build a website and plan a makerspace. I’ve planned out both projects but I need to get my nose on a grindstone (then have a brand new nose attached to replace the ground off one).

I thought about celebrating. I thought, maybe I could go see the new Thor or maybe get really drunk. Considering this made me even more tired. No, instead I cuddled up with my cat, Haiku, and we watched the rest of the Good Place season 1.

There was some guilt with this. I should have been doing homework. I shouldn’t take time off. I need to stay focused. Instead, I took some time to decompress. When I usually say I take time to decompress, what I really mean is I took on a new hobby and am fighting with that (see me learning: Welch, ukulele, homebrewing, D&D). Watching a TV show usually just entertains me and then I move on. The Good Place did something different.

The show is excellent. It’s humous, has an amazing cast, and tells a story that has layers to unpack. After finishing the season I just kept thinking about plot elements I missed, character motivations that I didn’t give enough thought, and moral implications I hadn’t considered. The show itself is sometimes TOO on the nose with its moral discussions (a little more tell than show) but after the last episode, I realized I was just missing the nuances.

There were hints at things buried deep. It starts with the first episode and I just did not see it. I don’t want to spoil anything in this life update post, but I highly recommend the show. Finishing it gave me a little boost. It made me feel refreshed in a way I don’t feel when I finish a season of say Voltron. I think it exercised parts of my brain that I had shut off to concentrate on my work. It’s like the show tries to teach you how to be a good person… it puts you in a… Good Place.

Anyway, I’ll probably do a post just about it at some point. I need to catch up to my buddies that finished season two. Also, I obtained a beer making kit so I need to make that. Also also, I need to do my Duolingo for Welch. Oh, and I should practice the ukulele. Well, and if I’m doing all that I should really look at my dungeon for my next D&D game…

Alright, one thing at a time. Thanks for reading!


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