Thanks Giving 2017

Another Turkey Day in the books. This year we honored the time-tested family tradition of doing manual labor, eating till we hurt, and discussing medical procedures in gory detail over dessert. It was fun.

Because I sort of let the month slip by, I thought I’d give the short-hand version of my month for everyone.

why, ew, gross
This tree is weird. Look at it. Just. Look. It’s. It’s a thing.

Zoo Day

My brother and his wife had extra tickets to the zoo. We weren’t able to get the D&D group together because of family obligations from everyone. We figured a zoo day would be a good substitute.


Tree Wife

My wife is part elf so she wanted to climb a tree. Turns out the tree was a little taller and slicker than we thought so I got a ladder to help with the up-part.


Housework, board games, weird trees, and cold mornings.

My house still needs a lot of work. I’ve been hanging curtains, fixing toilets, and trying to insulate everything I can. We have some heat & air people working on the furnace so hopefully, we will be warm soon. The good side to cold mornings is that our cats have been SUPER loving. I fear their attention is purely heat based but I like to think they just love us.

This year I won Catan. This means that there will be six more months of winter…. or bragging? I forget how what we decided on that.

I’ve been humming away at my homework. I have two final projects separating me and freedom. I need to write a proposal for a makerspace and make a website. Neither should be really hard but I need to actually sit down and do them.

Okay, but seriously that is a WEIRD tree.


Innovation Hub field trip

My class for makerspaces went to the Innovation Hub in Norman. The place is pretty great. They have all sorts of equipment for makers to fabricate anything you need for making projects. I was really impressed by their organization and operations. They have their ducks in rows I couldn’t even fathom.

Anyway, that was pretty much my month. I’ve been sickly otherwise. In December I should have more news on the podcast, I will graduate grad school, and I should be starting more regular blog posts again. See you all then!


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