New Year, Same Me

Greetings! The holidays were a whirlwind here. My last day of work for the year was also the day I saw the Last Jedi and the day I graduated (and that was the first night). Christmas break is traditionally a time of the year where I make big promises to not deliver on. I always say I’m gonna do big things but usually just take a break. This year wasn’t really any different but then I started the year off sick.


So many things to talk about. I’ve neglected the blog. Right at the end of grad school, I was a hot mess trying to finish everything. Now that I’m done, I want to concentrate on getting myself back together. I hate making New Year’s Resolutions but I do try to make strongly worded suggestions to myself. To get my year started, here is my list of suggestions/game plan for the new year.

  1. Be Good To Myself. I don’t mean buy myself something nice. I need to get my diet and exercise back on track. I don’t really care about looking hot right now. I just want to sleep normal hours and fit into the pants I own. I mean, I want to look hot but I just need to focus on being good to my body as a habit.
  2. Create Stuff. I need to focus on creating art of all kinds. I need to finish projects and actually practice getting better at them. I tend to flutter between ideas without finishing anything. This year. I want to work on completing things.
  3. Get Social. While in school, I was terrible about not seeing friends and family. This year I want to get better at seeing people. It’s way too easy for me to just stay home and shut out the world. I need to get better about trying to see people I’ve been hiding from.

I also mean to write here more. I plan on getting better about posting regularly. I want to low bar it with a post a week but hopefully, I can beat that. My other big goal for this year is to work on a podcast project. We are still getting some of the groundwork laid but the episodes are coming along nicely.

I also want to start releasing regular game development projects. I can’t make any promise of number or occurrence, but I need to start somewhere. I’m going to work on the tutorials I have and just put out what I make. I started the year leaning hard into GameMaker but with the release of 2.0, a lot of the 1.4 documentation is going sour. I am gonna start digging into Unity and Blender instead.

There are a couple months left in my Lynda account. My immediate plan is to absorb as much of them as I can. There is so much I’m not expert on at the moment and I need to fix that.

Thanks for reading–and keep me honest on these!


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