Space Ace Dev Thoughts

Howdy partner. Don’t reckon youse from around here–you know, SPACE. Me? I’m the Ace. The ACE OF SPACE. Space Ace. You think you can out shooter me? Take your best shot. Or many.


Alright, so I bought some game development books a while back. They were like 30 for a couple bucks. I decided to start working on one that was the Game Maker’s Apprentice. It walks you through a bunch of projects and helps you make your own projects.

The first one was something with a dragon and a demon and you had to shoot the demons and save dragon babies. It was a little weird. I made the project following the steps and then swapped out the art assets. Things mostly work.

Problems came up with the scoring system. For whatever reason (that is beyond my coding knowledge), I can’t get scoreboards to work in GameMaker. There are drag-and-drop options, there are code snippets, and there are workarounds but none of it has ever worked for me. This project was the same.

Turns out they are using a much older version of GameMaker and a lot of the code doesn’t really work the same way as written. Trying to go on to the second project, nothing worked as written. I spent several hours debugging it and trying to find a workaround. Nothing. So I ended up starting a new project tutorial altogether from a different source. SAME. ISSUE.


I mean I guess I could just delete GameMaker, download an old version, hope it actually works, and then do the tutorials. What would I be learning though? If the code is bad now and I don’t understand what I am doing with it what would I learn doing it… wrong? While thinking this over, I started working on a project where the code is already written and working in the last version I own licenses for (I think it’s 1.4?).

The project was a Zelda clone. It actually has documentation and everything works (unless you try to run it in HTML for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON). So I start messing around. Ran into an issue with the controls. You can’t move and attack and attacking stops all movement. Started working on it. Broke. Everything. I know that is just how coding goes but I feel like maybe there are some issues deep in GameMaker that just don’t fit with my style of coding. Maybe I’m just not smart enough for GameMaker. Whatever the reason, I think this might be my last full project on the platform.

I really did not do a whole lot. There is a neat background I made using Aseprite. Other than that, it’s pretty simple and really doesn’t offer any new ideas or concepts. I did make the music though! I’m gonna start really digging into Unity and Blender now.

So enjoy this neon flashing shoty thing:


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