Salvage Jam 2018 – Post Mort

I finished my first game jam! I wrote a little about entering it a while back here. You can play it here at the below link:


I made a platformer using a GameMaker project example from the YoYo asset store. The code base was by Bygdle. Their code worked pretty well–I was able to break it pretty darn good. This is based on my previous game call Research Rush that I salvaged assets from to make this one.

My first step when I got the code base was to swap assets. After doing this I worked on changing the level. When this happened, I changed a few small variable and collusion stopped working right. I made a change to the size of the snap grid because the spikes weren’t set correctly. Then I changed the hitboxes and jump variables. Slowly things worked less and less. I tried adding gliding and other advanced controller options but axed them. They just weren’t feeling right. I was riding the deadline too hard so I took that code back out.


I’m overall happy with the project. I accomplished what I set out to do. There are bugs that I would need to fix if I wanted to make it polished. I’m not really happy with the key and lock system. Each key assigns itself to a lock as you pick them up. A game dev streamer, Tiger_J, pointed out that it would feel more natural if you had to get the key to the lock without dying. He also figured out that something was horribly wrong with the ladder system. When you leave a ladder without jumping, the left and right controls swap functions.


My highest priority with creating the game was working on the art. I wanted to play with the scribble look and feel. I think I accomplished that, however, I feel like I should have made it a mechanic. The sketchbook feel should have informed the gameplay somehow. I am pleased with how well it animates though.

All the jam entries were pretty great. You should check them out on

I had pretty much given up on GameMake but entering this jam reminded me how much I have learned to create in it. I might give it a few more tries before I throw it out entirely. I wish I could get a better handle on Unity but I am so used to the workflow of GameMaker that it has been a hard transition.


I plan on doing more game jams soon. I need to get a few more basics down.


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