Getting 750 A Day

Originally posted to my old blog, Concerning Fiction, on blogger, 09/03/2014. I’ve fixed some mistakes, moved it here, and share it for posterity. Enjoy!

Hello! Things are coming to a head now; 1) school started, 2) house is (hopefully) moving from a construction loan to a mortgage, and 3) I’m trying to start writing every day again.

The school portion was two-fold: grad school and the one I work for. This has been a great opportunity for the amount of writing, study, and research this has let me do. On the bad side, the fall semester of any school seems extra hectic. Soon things will settle down but I don’t know when for sure.

The house has been coming along. We are getting to the point where there will actually be running water, a real kitchen, and places to actually live. We are pretty pumped. Not that living with family has been bad but my wife and I are ready to be on our own.

Lastly, the interesting part to you all, I have started writing on The site is basically a word processor with nearly no distractions. It keeps your word count, emails you to write your post, and keeps metadata about your writing. I find it really helpful for keeping on track.

Lately, I have been using it to write a semi-silly kids book. Nothing serious. I just want to keep writing and this seems like a good way to do it. If I can keep it up for two months then I will have a book to edit and shop around. It is also helpful for getting me ready for NaNoWriMo. This year I want to finish with an entire book.

The story I am working on is a Cloudsea story set in the Tartarus world. My plan is to make it light-hearted in the spirit of Miyazaki’s work. He has been a huge influence on my life so it felt right making a story that his studio would approve of.

Because it is a more experimental work for me (i.e. just doing something I don’t usually do), I have tried to make a point of involving more female characters and specifying race for the characters. Even though I personally usually envision my characters as being all sorts of people I know that literature, in general, is a little white-washed. This has led me to work with identifying the race and genders of the characters more than I usually would (i.g. leaving it up to the reader to decide).

It has been a little weird trying to walk the line between writing interesting diverse characters and forcing the references in. With practice, I hope it will become second nature soon and I’ll be a better writer for it. Until then I’ll have fun writing this little adventure story.


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