Session Seven of Scoundrels and Serpents

In the final epic fight of our first campaign, we had a just seen the end of a massive ice storm. The party bravely crossed the icy tundra to the rogue’s house and we teleconferenced the bard and cleric. The whole gang was on the line to take down the dastardly Blackspider. If only I knew what I was doing.


Shout out to whoever in the party added this map maker text.


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Role Playing to Flavor Town

I hear and see a lot of discussion about issues with mechanics in roleplaying games that are at odds with the flavor a player or game master want to stay within. The problem is… This isn’t a problem. For the sheer amount of talk about this “issue”, I can’t be brought to care when the answer is so easy. Flavor in gaming is all skin deep. If you don’t see how to let’s talk about it.

guy wizard.jpg

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Session Six of Evil D&D: Have Sword, Will Adventure

Our sixth installment of evil doers D&D was a bit of an adventure in and of itself. My wife and a friend of hers needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping. My brother needed a ride to the game after he got off work from his security work at 7:00 AM. We all jumped in the little two-door Toyota Echo and headed to the city. Also, there were sixty-mile-an-hour winds full of icy hate blowing into the state. It was awesome.


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Don’t Make Alignments Hard Part Two

This is continued from Part One

So, I kind of got rambly about alignments. I went wide of what I was trying to say so here is the second try. Beyond all my advice about how alignments should be used in a game, here is a super simple primer on what the different alignments mean. Before you read further, remember that all of this is my opinion, that fun aces rules, and that all of this is suggestions for how to have a better time role-playing.

Without further a”whoos” here goes–


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Session Four of Bad Dudes with Tudes D&D

In session four, our wizard was absent and our warrior had to leave early. We roleplayed that the halfling was eager for a fight after his day off. The wizard, meanwhile, disappeared with his book of necromancy. The fighter, however, became a pain-sponge for the remaining party. Armed with the where-there-abouts of a walking goblin castle and a whole lot of murdering to do, the party assembled!

*Minor spoilers for the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter box*


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Session Three of Evil D&D

Had our third session of evil D&D this weekend. Two of our players couldn’t make it so we turned our eyes on side and story quests for those available. We had our cleric (Dorf), our wizard (Hadarai), and our warrior (Woody). To begin, the gang made plans for a little bit of murder.

*Minor Spoilers for Lost Mines of Phandalin*

Pictured: Totes a rad dude with a fad ‘tude (and not a total nerd)

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Session Two of Evil D&D


WHEN LAST WE MET! Our intrepid heroes dastardly villains had cleared several goblin traps along the Triboar Road and had found the entrance to the goblin layer. They managed to force all of the ambushing goblins out into an ambush of the players’ making. So then, they found the goblin hideout entrance all but abandoned. A single sentry was left behind and he was promptly gutted.  So next the party entered the cave and immediately found the wolf pack chained to the wall. Not only did the charm the wolves but they even enchanted them with a spell to make a cloud of meat smells that the wolves failed to resist. Thus began the great goblin genocide of the Cragmaw Clan.


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