Making Journal 6

This week I finished making cards. I found a program called nanDECK that helps format card from a spreadsheet to a printable file. I already had most of the cards written in an Excell spreadsheet. All I had to do was format them and program the file.

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Making Journal 5

This week I made tiles, tokens, and pawns. I wanted to 3D print several of these pieces but my local printer does not have a lot of bandwidth for projects. I did not want to be too dependent on their timeline. So, instead, I created templates for the pieces in MS Paint and then cut them out of cardboard.

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Maker Journal 4

This week I continued with designing cards and finishing out rules. I did not have enough cards to keep gameplay interesting for the entire amount of time I wanted. I have about 300 cards altogether (my goal is about 500 or less). I am lacking “encounter” cards or challenges the players will face. By my count, I need about 80 more deck cards, 40 boss cards, and 80 more encounter cards.

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Maker Journal 2

This week I made a file structure for keeping all of my cards organized. In a deck building game, it is very typical that base game sets can get to be over 500 cards at launch. With expansions over 1,000. I wanted to make a “future proof” organization system to keep all those cards straight. So I made a Google Docs folder and a Sheets file.


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