Space Ace Dev Thoughts

Howdy partner. Don’t reckon youse from around here–you know, SPACE. Me? I’m the Ace. The ACE OF SPACE. Space Ace. You think you can out shooter me? Take your best shot. Or many.

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Role Playing to Flavor Town

I hear and see a lot of discussion about issues with mechanics in roleplaying games that are at odds with the flavor a player or game master want to stay within. The problem is… This isn’t a problem. For the sheer amount of talk about this “issue”, I can’t be brought to care when the answer is so easy. Flavor in gaming is all skin deep. If you don’t see how to let’s talk about it.

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Dev-ing Around: Asteroids

Hi ya! So as part of my graduate degree, I am making a short video game to mimic library activities. As such, I have been working through some short tutorials to get reacquainted with Yoyo’s GameMaker. It was the best option for creating an HTML5 game that would need the least amount of work from the user to get started. So I wanted to share an Asteroids knock-off I made called Rock Shooter.


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Don’t Make Alignments Hard Part Two

This is continued from Part One

So, I kind of got rambly about alignments. I went wide of what I was trying to say so here is the second try. Beyond all my advice about how alignments should be used in a game, here is a super simple primer on what the different alignments mean. Before you read further, remember that all of this is my opinion, that fun aces rules, and that all of this is suggestions for how to have a better time role-playing.

Without further a”whoos” here goes–


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Don’t Make Alignment Hard Part One

So, when I got the D&D bug a while back I joined a few online discussion groups. I thought it’d be a fun way to connect with the gaming community (and get some market research in for my game design projects). However, for the most part, it has been weird. Not all bad or all good… just… ugh… Some of these questions. I mean, I’d hate to single someone out and I know a lot of the users are younger but still… weird…


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Musing by Design

Yo, so traveling back home really wiped me out. Also, did you know that the mountains are colder than the plains? I objectively understood this but, somewhere in the Texas panhandle, the heat went to my brain. Anyway, while in Colorado, I mentioned I went to an arcade in Manitou. It was so odd because you are in the middle of any other old folks’ shopping tourist trap when you hear buzzers and laughter. There was a huge arcade tucked away from the main drag. I think there were four indoor areas and then machines just lining the street under awnings.

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What’s in a Blog?

Okay, so, yeah… I’ve tried to create sites, blogs, and content online for a while now and I just can’t seem to make something coherent about myself in regular updates on one topic. In light of wanting to keep writing and wanting to put out regular content (as well as actually keep up with it) I’m going to start just putting everything here from now on (or till I stop). My problem seems to be that I start working on something then I have to switch to a new topic briefly and I get out of the habit of writing about the other than stop both.

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