Pixels Was and is Total Trash

So I saw Pixels a couple of years ago and forgot I wrote this blog post. I find it hilarious and wanted to share it even though it’s an old entry.

So, a couple friends of mine wanted to see Pixels (they love watching bad movies–think Iron Sky). I was slightly hung over and thought, “what the hell?” But Hell was all too correct of a term for the film.

In case Peter Dinklage’s eyes weren’t screaming “WHY?!” loud enough in every shot.

I call it, “Held against my will.”

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Gate-Keepers are Bad for Gaming

Steps to becoming a gamer

  1. Play games

Congratulations, you are now a gamer.

This may seem pretty straightforward but in recent years this has become a heated debate. One that I feel strongly about: there are no requirements to playing games and shouldn’t be. To play games is an incredibly important aspect of being human. Therefore, it makes no sense at all to say what is a game or who can be a gamer.


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Rose Tinted Gaming Glasses

Gaming is an awesome hobby/past time in that it can create mesmerizing worlds of creativity that completely suck you and allow the player autonomy to interact with the medium. This level of intimacy between the player and the medium is much stronger than other forms of media like talkies or prose. Outside of fans creating something from the source material (i.e. gemsonas, fan fiction, slash fiction, fan art, parodies, satire, etc) it is rare that any other form of media can even come close to the experience players have with their games on a regular basis.

Some experiences are bad, some are fantastic, and most are somewhere in between. The important thing is that you build a relationship with that medium that is close. Thinking days, months, years, lifetimes ago can bring happy memories boiling to the surface. Sharing this experience with others can be exhilarating… right up to the moment when it’s not. This week, playing games with rose tinted glasses.

not a spy1

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What’s Happening August 8th, 2015

*Oh man, I never hit publish on this and then my life got crazy (working at one college while attending another makes August-September a little insane). Here is a post from nearly a month ago with some updates. I’ll try to write some more on this soon.

Hey! So there is lots and lots of nothing happening for me right now. My day job at a college while taking classes for my master’s degree means that this is right between semesters. The Sword of Damocles is standing rigidly above me waiting. But hey, I did some game dev!


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Thoughts on Fallout Shelter

Alright so I have been pleasantly distracted with a new casual game, Fallout Shelter. It is a simple game with a strong central mechanic: survive and build. Like previous build and restock games like Tiny Tower, you control the lives of little people living in a community. You have to plan out what rooms you will build, place workers in those rooms, and protect against the occasional rad roach attack. Like I said–simple.

Though I’m impressed by the design from a mechanic standpoint I was blown away by the non-narrative-narrative it can create. Through small gestures the game emotionally draw you in. This is what sets it apart in the freemium games market.


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7 Ways to Avoid Feature Creep

After talking a lot about game design I thought I would discuss some practical project planning aspects this week. To start I wanted to discuss feature creep and setting goals. One of the most important things we did to help get our studio going was to set a very attainable bar for our game.

A Blender model of a church.

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