SteamWorld Heist Thoughts

A long time ago, I picked up a copy of SteamWorld HEIST in a bundle. Thought it looked like something I’d like but never tried. Then I saw a cartoonist I like talking about the series. I had just finished Humans Fall Flat so I was looking for something to play next anyway.

I was hooked pretty much immediately.20190502184719_1

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Ponger Version 1.0 Release

I finally finished (for now) my version of Pong based on a Zenva Academy tutorial. I still have some things I wish I’d done differently but I think this is done-ish enough. It’s to a state where it feels like something I made rather than a complete paint by numbers project.


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A Story About A Workshop

I recently went to a networking event for game developers. It did not go well. At all. You might have seen my Twitter rant but here’s the story with fewer swears. The short version is that an old man came to an industry networking event to grift it and it dampened the whole thing for me. The shorter version is don’t ruin fun things for people because of your ignorance.


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Session 8 of Evil D&D: Night of the Living Dorks

The first session of the new summer campaign (2017) was a big hit (literally for a few characters). I gave the players a choice of the kind of game they wanted to run for a “side quest” game session. They overwhelmingly chose a haunted house one shot. Lucky for me, I already created and DM’ed a haunted house one shot for some friends on last Halloween (2016). So I was completely prepared… right?

Nah, bro.


House Hill Map
Dampnut (pronounced di-amp-newt) Manor Exterior


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Salvage JAM 2018

So I’ve been following different indie game developers on Twitter for a while now. I’ve felt like an imposter or like I was party crashing listening to them talk about their work. A few of these people on Twitter announced that they are putting on a ‘Salvage Jam‘ for old unfinished projects. I decided to sign up to force myself to actually finish something. I don’t want to be ‘faking it’, I just want to be ‘making it (the game that is)’.


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