The Invisible Hand of Game Design

Or a really pretentious way of saying “does your game work?” This is something that is important to me on a design level: is the game fun and does it do its job? Which in this case is be fun. To find out what is fun and what isn’t for my games I try the game out, watch others try it out, tweak rules, play again, play games like my game, and repeat. Playtesting is a never-ending cycle of assessment in ludology. Continue reading “The Invisible Hand of Game Design”


Developing from Idea to Concept

Ideas are fleeting… or was it fleeing? Whichever it is for you–ideas are hard to keep a hold of. For me I get so many random ideas it becomes hard to keep them all. I want to make so many things that sometimes I feel like I’m trying to save the Titanic from sinking one coffee cup full of water at a time. So I’ve developed a system to remember my ideas (good and otherwise).

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