Hello, dear, sweet, innocent reader. As you are likely aware, I am usually trying to do way too much. Which is why, over the past few years and months, have been thinking about starting a podcast. It really won’t be a soon thing but I think I may have an actual plan on what I want to do. Which means I am, at the very least, on a path towards getting started.

The picture is only slightly related to the topic.

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Gate-Keepers are Bad for Gaming

Steps to becoming a gamer

  1. Play games

Congratulations, you are now a gamer.

This may seem pretty straightforward but in recent years this has become a heated debate. One that I feel strongly about: there are no requirements to playing games and shouldn’t be. To play games is an incredibly important aspect of being human. Therefore, it makes no sense at all to say what is a game or who can be a gamer.


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What’s Happening August 8th, 2015

*Oh man, I never hit publish on this and then my life got crazy (working at one college while attending another makes August-September a little insane). Here is a post from nearly a month ago with some updates. I’ll try to write some more on this soon.

Hey! So there is lots and lots of nothing happening for me right now. My day job at a college while taking classes for my master’s degree means that this is right between semesters. The Sword of Damocles is standing rigidly above me waiting. But hey, I did some game dev!


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Back to Basics the Right Way

I’ve been trying desperately to push my projects into order. It seems like they are an unruly bunch that want me to work on them all at the same time. Like last week while I was grieving I wrote six chapters to a book I shelved in December 2012. “Well it’s been like two years since I finished this, I guess I’ll dig it up, use some necromantic editing, and just add it to my plate. Why not, right?” I must have said subconsciously. Well, yeah–it’s been that kind of week. So as to stick with that theme I decided to crack open my Evernote account to peek inside…

LEGO Minotaurus
LEGO Minotaurus

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