Making New PCs for 5e

I almost always play the part of the Dungeon Master for any game of Dungeons & Dragons that I play in. I’ve put on games for friends and family, random strangers, and just whenever I can. People have been enthusiastic to play. They just aren’t enthusiastic to DM. I think there are reasons for this that I should blog about, but not today.

Today I wanted to celebrate getting to be a player!

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The Invisible Hand of Game Design

Or a really pretentious way of saying “does your game work?” This is something that is important to me on a design level: is the game fun and does it do its job? Which in this case is be fun. To find out what is fun and what isn’t for my games I try the game out, watch others try it out, tweak rules, play again, play games like my game, and repeat. Playtesting is a never-ending cycle of assessment in ludology. Continue reading “The Invisible Hand of Game Design”