Hello, dear, sweet, innocent reader. As you are likely aware, I am usually trying to do way too much. Which is why, over the past few years and months, have been thinking about starting a podcast. It really won’t be a soon thing but I think I may have an actual plan on what I want to do. Which means I am, at the very least, on a path towards getting started.

The picture is only slightly related to the topic.

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House Work

I made it over to my the house I’m working on this weekend. I have two bathrooms to tidy up and some work to get the heating/air running. My big project is getting the furnace operational so we can live there year round. I also want to get our master bathroom put together so we don’t have to live in a construction site. You can follow the more nitty-gritty details over on the Tumblr for my house (because that’s how hipster my place is) but I wanted to wax philosophic here a moment.

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Life Update March 2017

It’s probably a good time to do a quick check-in. I’m still alive and projects are advancing. Things have just gotten really hectic. I went from having a pretty solid social-work life balance and then the scales flopped hard both ways all at once. I think I am getting back up, though. Here’s the run down.

*Note, I actually wrote this a while back… so it’s late getting posted.


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X-Mas Poolside, 2016

X-Mas has become… complicated ever since I moved out of my parents’ house. When I was a kid, I’d just wake up and open presents. Done deal. Now there is travel, schedules, multiple families to see, and I actually have to buy gifts now. Okay, that last part is actually fun. Like chewing food without the calories. This year, however, was a banner year for the Pools in complicated.


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Session Two of Evil D&D


WHEN LAST WE MET! Our intrepid heroes dastardly villains had cleared several goblin traps along the Triboar Road and had found the entrance to the goblin layer. They managed to force all of the ambushing goblins out into an ambush of the players’ making. So then, they found the goblin hideout entrance all but abandoned. A single sentry was left behind and he was promptly gutted.  So next the party entered the cave and immediately found the wolf pack chained to the wall. Not only did the charm the wolves but they even enchanted them with a spell to make a cloud of meat smells that the wolves failed to resist. Thus began the great goblin genocide of the Cragmaw Clan.


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The Wood Came Back Inside the House

I feel like trash. Everything is sore. My hands have an assortment of tiny cuts running up and down my fingers. I get a little reminder when I use hand-sanitizer. It took me way too long to get out of bed this morning. Longer than usual at least. But, it’s okay. I had a full weekend. The reason I’m so banged up though? Wood came back inside the house this weekend. Okay, so maybe that is cryptic. I’ll explain.


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