Alita Bit Closer Now

I have a confession. I never watched, read, or had any knowledge Of Alita Battle Angel beyond the title till I saw the teaser for the live action film. Watching that first trailer, it seemed kind of blah. Nothing really terrible but it didn’t give me shivers or get me on the edge of my seat. James Cameron is pretty okay (I just never get super excited about his stuff but he is good). I had never heard of Laeta Kalogridis before but have seen several of their works. I will watch anything directed by Robert Rodriguez however.

So I started to check it out.

Couldn’t hurt?



pray to alita


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Neo Yokio is Bae

I’m not sorry. I’m not. Okay? I binged all of Neo Yokio, season 1, in a day while doing homework. It was one of my better life choices recently. You can hate. That’s your choice. But sorry to disappoint you, reader, but the universe is dictated by forces far greater than purist anime fandoms. Less hate, more vibes, please.New-Yokio-s1e1-Title-Card Continue reading “Neo Yokio is Bae”