Endgame Thoughts

I finally watched Endgame. I’d put it off a week since its release. It felt like planning to attend a funeral. This series has been part of my life for a decade. Going to see the cumulation of over twenty films felt too heavy to see. Putting it off only made the tension build though. Finally, bite the Infinity Stone and ordered tickets.


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SteamWorld Heist Thoughts

A long time ago, I picked up a copy of SteamWorld HEIST in a bundle. Thought it looked like something I’d like but never tried. Then I saw a cartoonist I like talking about the series. I had just finished Humans Fall Flat so I was looking for something to play next anyway.

I was hooked pretty much immediately.20190502184719_1

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I Do Not Blog With My Hands

I blog with my heart. A writer that blogs with their hands have forgotten the face of their father…

I watched the Dark Tower and really enjoyed it. Since there is a new series in the works, it felt like the right time to revisit it. I think the majority of people that gave it bad reviews/assessments may have judge things other than the film directly. Many of the big critics I’ve read were pretty spot on/fair. It had faults but it was very well executed overall.

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Thoughts on Suicide Squad

Let me start by saying I went into the film fairly neutral. I wanted it to be good (I met one of the writers for Diablo and for his sake wanted a good film). I was cautiously optimistic it would be alright. And, after watching, I did like it. However–and this is a large font, underlined, italicized, red-lettered, all caps, HOWEVER–it consistently attempted and failed in nearly everything that would have made it amazing. So, while a fan of the film, I have issues with it.

Light spoilers ahead…

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More Thoughts on Alita

After becoming slightly obsessed with Alita Battle Angel, I went and saw the new film. I was worried going in that it might be bad (because there is a long history of just terrible anime/manga adaptations) but it was really good. It was described by Gita Jackson as Bladerunner by the CW and that is accurate. Also, not a bad thing.


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