Neo Yokio is Bae

I’m not sorry. I’m not. Okay? I binged all of Neo Yokio, season 1, in a day while doing homework. It was one of my better life choices recently. You can hate. That’s your choice. But sorry to disappoint you, reader, but the universe is dictated by forces far greater than purist anime fandoms. Less hate, more vibes, please.New-Yokio-s1e1-Title-Card Continue reading “Neo Yokio is Bae”


Ready, Player One?

On a road trip to Colorado, I read all of Ready Player One. At the time, I felt bad because I didn’t love it. All my friends at the time were enjoying it. The buzz I heard was positive. I didn’t hate the book but I had a lot of reservations.

With the film coming out, I’ve discovered I’m not alone in my take about the book. However, I am one of the most nuanced in my opinion. In fact, I’m pretty mild. Let’s dig in.

Minor spoilers ahead!

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Pixels Was and is Total Trash

So I saw Pixels a couple of years ago and forgot I wrote this blog post. I find it hilarious and wanted to share it even though it’s an old entry.

So, a couple friends of mine wanted to see Pixels (they love watching bad movies–think Iron Sky). I was slightly hung over and thought, “what the hell?” But Hell was all too correct of a term for the film.

In case Peter Dinklage’s eyes weren’t screaming “WHY?!” loud enough in every shot.

I call it, “Held against my will.”

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The Duality of Power Rangers

Nostalgia is great. I still think back to my childhood to find warm happy memories of times long ago that are definitely better than anything happening now. Like that movie where Luke Skywalker is the last starfighter and he helps Han Solo steal the Holy Grail before running over to the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Bowser… wait… I think I may have mixed up a few things in there… The Jedi had to save Christmas by stopping an exploding shipment of candy canes… right?

My point, nostalgia is great but we don’t always remember things the way they really are. Thanks to the internet, we can now find all those cherished childhood memories and ruin them by reliving them now with adult eyes. Power Rangers is nostalgic for my generation. It was a huge success when it came out and has kept itself on the air ever since. Sometimes, however, going back to that nostalgia isn’t always great.

This guy has an Emmy and a Golden Globe (and snake hands).

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Busting Did Make Me Feel Good

I went to a late showing of Ghostbusters one Monday night. I had meant to catch it over opening weekend but we got too busy. I’ve been a fan my whole life of the series. As a kid, I’d run around playing pretend as a Jedi-Ghostbuster. I was going to bust all the Sith ghosts with my proton-saber. In college, I became engrossed with works of Reitman and Ramis. Somedays, I would just leave the film running with the commentary of them running in the background to inspire my writing process. Listening to them talk about how much they loved working together gave me the determination to start creatively writing in the first place.


Needless to say, I had high hopes for the new film. Of which, I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading “Busting Did Make Me Feel Good”