Humans Fall Flat Lands on Its Feet

Human Fall Flat is one of those games that was packaged in a games bundle. I didn’t really know anything about it. It looked cute and sort of like Gang Beast (which is a lot of fun) but I wasn’t super excited to try it. One night, while hanging out with friends, they loaded it up because it has local multiplayer. Soon, I didn’t wanna go home. When I did, I found out that I had a copy, installed it, played it, and couldn’t stop till I finished it.

It’s one of those.


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This week I saw a video on GB Studio from MortMort. It’s a program for making GameBoy games that work inside an emulator. I like to try out new tools just in general but this engine really inspired me. I spent all my nights this week making a short game about fish called ZUG. Play it here on

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