Starting a New Thing

Hey! I’m alive, first off. Also, I’m starting a new project. A friend of mine and I are getting into podcasting. We have been planning, writing, and engineering some content that we hope to bring to you starting next year.

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I’m pleased and happy to announce that the last of my immediate in-laws finished high school! They are a good kid and we got a cake out of the deal. Luckily the worst of the storms missed us and just made the graduation a little wet (rather than a little destroyed).


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Hey Folks

Alright, so a funny thing happened on the way to the blog: life. But I’m back and ready for more action. Nothing particularly exciting happened to stop me from writing, things got busy and I got out of the habit momentarily. However, I still have lots to share with you all! I started DMing a D&D 5e campaign, played Pokemon TCG, played the Elder Scrolls TCG, saw Fitz and the Tantrums live, watched Suicide Squad and Star Trek and Ghostbusters, and my wife started streaming on Twitch regularly. As I can, I’ll write up a little something-something to fill you all in. Talk to you soon!

Also, not to brag or anything, but I was Spaceman Splits’ 300th follower.



Pokémon Go is Go

Like a lot of people this past weekend, I grabbed a copy of Pokémon Go for my iPhone. At first I was beyond excitement. I’ve waited for a massively multiplayer version of Pokémon since I played Red. Then I was confused. How do I use PokéStops? Then excited again (flick it, duh). Then…. Really really really small. A 1,000 Combat Power Snorlax?! HOW? And also WHERE? I mean, how am I supposed to play in order to keep up with that kind of power player? Okay, I have a lot to unpack here.

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