Zenva Academy Thoughts

There are a lot of websites for learning new skills. Trying to keep them straight can be a hassle. What are the pros and cons of each one? I picked up a Humble Bundle for Zenva Academy and decided to try it out.

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RPG Library

Hey! I finally posted a version of my incomplete thesis project on itch.io for anyone to check it out. I wanted to finish it but I had to keep moving on learning to code. This project got sidelined by my independent studies into Unity. The project is still buggy but you can try out the skeleton of it on my page here: https://gywair.itch.io/rpg-library

It was made using a Yoyo Games asset for GameMaker 1.4 (so I don’t know if it is for sale anymore). You can see I did a sweet job rebranding it in the demo: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/143/yoyo-rpg


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A Story About A Workshop

I recently went to a networking event for game developers. It did not go well. At all. You might have seen my Twitter rant but here’s the story with fewer swears. The short version is that an old man came to an industry networking event to grift it and it dampened the whole thing for me. The shorter version is don’t ruin fun things for people because of your ignorance.


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I heard some talk about the game Into the Breach by the Waypoint podcast crew that really made me think about the emotional weight of giant mecha anime that often gets overlooked. Movies like Pacific Rim and Godzilla usually touch on the larger-than-life terror of fighting something bigger than yourself but 80’s anime usually dug deeper into the human cost of living titans destroying your life. Austin Walker specifically talked about Robotech and inspired me to check the series out. Then I saw a tweet about an Emotional Mecha RPG jam on itch. So I made a thing.

tears cover 2.png

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Session 8 of Evil D&D: Night of the Living Dorks

The first session of the new summer campaign (2017) was a big hit (literally for a few characters). I gave the players a choice of the kind of game they wanted to run for a “side quest” game session. They overwhelmingly chose a haunted house one shot. Lucky for me, I already created and DM’ed a haunted house one shot for some friends on last Halloween (2016). So I was completely prepared… right?

Nah, bro.


House Hill Map
Dampnut (pronounced di-amp-newt) Manor Exterior


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