5 Cliffhanger (Stories)

(Edit, 2:12 PM) Woops-a-doodle! I accidentally posted this to the wrong blog. Hate it when that happens (it’s alright). If you like this post, check out Double Issue Show’s blog or the podcast for more content.

P.S. –Guess what’ve been working? A podcast! Surprise! I’ll talk about it more soon.
Are you ready to have to wait for the next episode to get the resolution you crave? Then have we got a show for you! This week is the first part of a two-parter as we set up unresolved stories that we’ll finish up in two weeks. The Twist? We’ll be finishing each other’s stories. Hope you enjoy the setup and hope we can get ourselves out of these ones.

Double Issue Final

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New Year, Same Me

Greetings! The holidays were a whirlwind here. My last day of work for the year was also the day I saw the Last Jedi and the day I graduated (and that was the first night). Christmas break is traditionally a time of the year where I make big promises to not deliver on. I always say I’m gonna do big things but usually just take a break. This year wasn’t really any different but then I started the year off sick.


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Hello, dear, sweet, innocent reader. As you are likely aware, I am usually trying to do way too much. Which is why, over the past few years and months, have been thinking about starting a podcast. It really won’t be a soon thing but I think I may have an actual plan on what I want to do. Which means I am, at the very least, on a path towards getting started.

The picture is only slightly related to the topic.

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Don’t Make Alignments Hard Part Two

This is continued from Part One

So, I kind of got rambly about alignments. I went wide of what I was trying to say so here is the second try. Beyond all my advice about how alignments should be used in a game, here is a super simple primer on what the different alignments mean. Before you read further, remember that all of this is my opinion, that fun aces rules, and that all of this is suggestions for how to have a better time role-playing.

Without further a”whoos” here goes–


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Don’t Make Alignment Hard Part One

So, when I got the D&D bug a while back I joined a few online discussion groups. I thought it’d be a fun way to connect with the gaming community (and get some market research in for my game design projects). However, for the most part, it has been weird. Not all bad or all good… just… ugh… Some of these questions. I mean, I’d hate to single someone out and I know a lot of the users are younger but still… weird…


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The Results of World Building Together

On an earlier entry, I talked about Far Away Land RPG’s co-op world building tool. I played a session with a bunch of friends and used the results to create the backstory for a Sleepy Dev project. We’re still checking legal claims and such on the project’s name to make sure it is clear for our use–so I can’t announce it just yet but I can share the lore my friends and I created (which I promptly stole… er, borrowed) for it.

Our game takes place in a world called Tavern and this is its history so far. It only goes to the Seventh Age because I had to leave around then. However here is what I know so far of the world in a sort-of historical fashion. This co-op storytelling helped get me out of my writer’s block funk that I had been for the project.

But looks more like this.

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Cooperative World Building

I’ve been working on an intellectual property for several years now that is a comedy fantasy world. We chose to work within it for our upcoming twin-stick-shooter. The setting was always murky because to us it was just where things happened. That was okay for a while but it quickly became problematic when I was designing levels.

What places were around the area? What what the culture? Who were the gods? Were their gods?

All these questions were holding back my design. Even when I was designing I would create hollow unfinished gamescapes. Worse yet–I was drawing a blank on how to create a functional(ish) world in a comedy setting. That is, until I started playing Far Away Land with some friends.

Via Simian Circle Games
Via Simian Circle Games

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