SteamWorld Heist Thoughts

A long time ago, I picked up a copy of SteamWorld HEIST in a bundle. Thought it looked like something I’d like but never tried. Then I saw a cartoonist I like talking about the series. I had just finished Humans Fall Flat so I was looking for something to play next anyway.

I was hooked pretty much immediately.20190502184719_1

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RPG Library

Hey! I finally posted a version of my incomplete thesis project on for anyone to check it out. I wanted to finish it but I had to keep moving on learning to code. This project got sidelined by my independent studies into Unity. The project is still buggy but you can try out the skeleton of it on my page here:

It was made using a Yoyo Games asset for GameMaker 1.4 (so I don’t know if it is for sale anymore). You can see I did a sweet job rebranding it in the demo:


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Salvage JAM 2018

So I’ve been following different indie game developers on Twitter for a while now. I’ve felt like an imposter or like I was party crashing listening to them talk about their work. A few of these people on Twitter announced that they are putting on a ‘Salvage Jam‘ for old unfinished projects. I decided to sign up to force myself to actually finish something. I don’t want to be ‘faking it’, I just want to be ‘making it (the game that is)’.


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